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Best Scenic Train Rides in Switzerland

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Dreaming of new destinations and stunning experiences is great way to shift from the downer messages of the news, so today I share some insights into best of the train trips in Switzerland, a country that is gaining more and more interest as a unique travel spot.

Best Scenic Train Rides in Switzerland

Located at the confluence of western, central and southern Europe is the small country of Switzerland. This beautiful nation of snow-clad mountains, picturesque landscape and the breath-taking small towns is a traveler’s abode. It experiences all four seasons, with a temperate climate that varies largely between the localities. Switzerland is well connected with the rest of the world through its network of airways. What is fascinating, however, is that it is the densest network of rail in all of Europe. Carrying close to 600 million passengers annually, the railways offer stunning views of the mountains and countryside against the backdrop of the alps.

Switzerland is intriguing for it’s stunning scenery and mix of large cultural cities and picturesque small towns. To soak in all the perspectives it has to offer, travel built around the amazing train trips that are available in Switzerland is the best way to see the beauty as you visit a myriad of sights.

The top scenic train rides in Switzerland

The Bernina Express:

The train journey offers you an astonishing view of the Swiss Alps. A segment of this rail route is actually designated on the UNESCO World Heritage list and this train trip takes you through fifty-five tunnels through its four-hour-long journey. You would also cross a curving single-track and deep arch. Considered as one of the most famous rides across the entire country, it would give a glimpse of the countryside as well. The narrow-gauge railway is a 90-mile route from St. Moritz Switzerland to Tirano Italy, with options for shorter itineraries.

Glacier Express:

Connecting the beautiful towns of Zermatt, in the shadow of the Matterhorn, and St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps, it shares a similar route to the Bernina Express. Popularly known as the ‘Slowest Express train in the World’, traveling the full length of the route would take about seven and a half hours, although shorter segments are available.

While it travels over similar areas of the Bernina Express, the perspectives are different, and most travellers prefer to do both. The journey provides unmatched beauty and boasts views of the Matterhorn, the Rhone River and the rock walls through the town of Visp.

The Bernina Express provides a luxury experience, and even that has recently been enhanced. The newest Excellence Class option provides an exclusive luxury journey which is a significant step above first class, including flowing champagne and a meal to rival a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Jungfrau Railway:

The Jungfrau railway gives you the experience of travelling to the highest railway station in Europe. The view from the top is spectacular, with the vistas sometimes reaching into Germany and France. The peak offers the chance to walk on glaciers and shop at the world’s highest chocolate shop. While the ascend takes you to the dreamy mountain tops, the descent gives you a view of exotic waterfalls, drawing a sharp contrast between mountains and the waters.

Gornergrat Bahn:

Considered an engineering marvel, this cog railway connects the car-free town of Zermatt with the summit of Gornergrat in a 33-minute journey. At the top, experience the most stunning panoramas in all of Switzerland – views of the Matterhorn surrounded by peaks and glaciers. At the summit you can roam through a nature reserve and sit at a panoramic view restaurant to try some fondue. Returning to Zermatt, free from the sound of honking vehicles, explore this beautiful village’s restaurants and small bars and relax. Pro Tip: Sit on the right side of the train going up and left side going down; pay extra for the priority boarding pass so you can get on early for best seats.

Train travel through Switzerland

These are some of the highlight train trips within Switzerland, and there are so many other routes to explore the country. The Golden Pass route gives you a majestic glimpse of Lake Geneva and the beautiful Swiss mountains. The Lucerne route gives a breath-taking mountain sight filled with medieval treasures. Zurich, one of Switzerland’s most vibrant cities is trendy and known for the gorgeous train routes.

One would not want to miss this experience of train journeys because they give you immense time to grab the beauty of the place. The stations are well managed and clean and provide you with a comfortable and/or luxury experience and offer delicious food and other conveniences during travel. The trains run at regular intervals so it’s easy to plan one to fit your itinerary.

It can be said that the true essence of Switzerland can be soaked in by the wonderful train journey, and you would not want to have it any other way.