Renew Your Spirit with a Transformative Travel Experience

It’s time to think outside the pew.

Explore your faith, and your connections to the incredible world around you, with a customized religious travel experience crafted by Recess 4 Grownups.

Whether you’re a religious leader yearning to bring the word of God alive for your congregation, a parent wanting to share your religious heritage with your children, or you simply want to deepen your own faith on your next travel escape, we’re here to design a faith-based itinerary that truly speaks to you.

Our religious travel services include:

Ireland Glendalough Wicklow Celtic Cross PP


Want to travel with your congregation to deepen your faith and your connections to each other? Yearning to explore religious sites that have always intrigued you? We’ll design a customized itinerary unique to your needs, whether you’re looking for a group experience, a family trip, or a solo adventure. Strengthen your spirit by traveling beyond borders on faith-based heritage trips and pilgrimages to the places that inspire you.

faith based trave to Israel Masada Sunrise Over Fortress


From sailing on the Sea of Galilee to watching the sunrise on the Via Dolorosa, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land is an once-in-a-lifetime experience and we’re here to make sure you do it right. We’ll create a seamless itinerary for you, based on your interests, so you can focus on connecting with your spiritual surroundings instead of trying to figure out the logistics.

Sordevolo Passion Play 1 CKR


All around the world, religious celebrations bring people together for lots of smiles, laughter, and a unique opportunity to honor their faith. Why not pair your next vacation with a faith-based festival or event? From the famed Christmas Markets in Austria to the moving Passion Play in Bavaria’s Oberammergau, religious festivals and events are a window into other cultures - time to see it all up close.

Want to join a group tour to holy sites? Explore our featured trips escorted by religious leaders to inspiring faith centers around the world.

We imbue every faith-based trip we plan with a big dose of fun, too! Balance visits to religious sites with tours and hands-on activities that allow you and your fellow travelers to delve deeper into the local culture.

Ready to experience your faith in a whole new way?

Get in touch to start planning your custom faith-based itinerary today!

What Our Clients Say

Thanks for a fabulous trip. It was a very inspiring and educational experience. Looking forward to traveling with you again. Again THANKS!!

Nona W.

Thank you for providing this information. The trip was excellent; getting to know other Catholic families was even better. You were a great hostess… thank you for being so open and approachable.

Mike B.

What can I say? The trip to Israel will be one I will never forget. It was so wonderful and special and you covered every detail to the fullest. Thank you. One of my favorite parts on the trip was having Mass in all the spectacular locations – often very emotional for me. Thank you for all that you and your team did to make it so memorable!

Marge F.

Details excellent – many special things you did for guests. Actually, you thought of everything. You made it fun.

Beverly H.

I wasn’t able to come to the meet and greet but I wanted to tell you in advance what a fantastic journey you have made this already. I’m looking forward to meeting you and so appreciate all your helpful hints and spiritual guidance and goodies etc. I look forward to seeing you in Israel!!

Debbie M.