River Cruise Your Way
to Your Next Thrilling Vacation

Calling all history buffs, gourmands, wine connoisseurs, and seekers of the extraordinary …

It’s time to set sail—on the river, that is! Get ready for gourmet diners and sumptuous wine pairings, intimate shows and exhilarating excursions—all without the crowds you’d find on a typical ocean cruiser.

Nimble ships take you right to the heart of the world’s most spellbinding destinations. This is cruising for travelers who treasure both exploration and a big dose of luxurious pampering.

So, why river cruise? We’ve got three reasons for you:

Portugal Sunset


Cities and towns grew up around rivers. See the sights, from bustling port cities to sleepy country villages, the way they were first seen by explorers and tradesmen for centuries from the water! There’s simply nothing like waking up to spellbinding scenery rolling past your window every single day. Waterways have long been the lifelines of civilizations -  breathe new life into your next vacation by experiencing a whole new perspective.

Hungary Budapest Parliament and Danube


An itinerary chock full of splendid cities, crumbling castles, quaint countryside, and villas surrounded by vineyards - and you only have to unpack your bags once? River cruising makes it possible. Nimble river cruise vessels take you through the pulsing heart of a country with total ease. Explore world-class cities and charming hamlets (the kind land tours often skip) aboard a luxury hotel that travels with you.

Paris, France and Seine River


River cruises represent a sophisticated and - oh-so-fun - take on the all-inclusive vacation experience. Get ready for all-included gourmet meals and sip-worthy wines, plus small group excursions tailored to your preferred activity level. Not interested in doing a group thing? Simply stroll off your ship and into the heart of quaint riverside towns and cultural powerhouses. River cruising makes it easy to explore on your own!

We’ve experienced the magic of river cruising first hand, and we’re thrilled to guide our clients toward a river cruising experience that’s a perfect fit for them. Whether you’re looking to roll down the river with your rousing group of 20, or you’re yearning for a just-for-two romantic getaway, let us match you with the river cruise just right for you.

Not to mention, our services go way beyond booking your cruise. Leave all the flights and transfers — plus custom pre and post-stays so your can explore your destination in more depth — to us.

Ready to relax and explore like never before?

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