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How are you expressing yourself?

By Carol Rowland / August 19, 2020 / Comments Off on How are you expressing yourself?

Do you know what day it is? World Photography Day, of course – well, not really – I didn’t know either. But what a fun holiday to share during this crazy time… Expressing yourself through Photography Today is World Photography Day, which is designed to be “an annual, worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science,…

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An idea for now and future travels

By Carol Rowland / August 5, 2020 / Comments Off on An idea for now and future travels

As I dream about future travel, as well as some current summertime fun, ideas lead me to think about rooftop bars and how they are the perfect diversion for current times and anticipated trips… Rooftop Bars are the perfect recess I admit it – I am a sucker for rooftop bars. I find the atmosphere…

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Adjustments to the travel experience

By Carol Rowland / July 29, 2020 / Comments Off on Adjustments to the travel experience

During the last week, I’ve continued to have my virtual meetings with folks in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and I will say it does my soul good to get to talk travel with people and share potential ideas for future trips.  Of course, one of the topics is how travel is being…

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Airplane in the sky - color scheme on airplane is changed!!!

What Flying is Like Right Now

By Carol Rowland / June 24, 2020 / Comments Off on What Flying is Like Right Now

I flew to Rapid City, South Dakota on Monday, which was my first time flying since everything went into lockdown in March, so I have the most current scoop on travel at this moment of Covid-19, so I share my experience in this week’s article… What Flying is Like Right Now I was up super…

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Getting around the gotchas

By Carol Rowland / February 27, 2019 / Comments Off on Getting around the gotchas

This week’s article continues last week’s discussion of some of the gotchas of travel protection… Travel Protection Clauses and Requirements Last week I wrote about travel insurance and my personal example of how pre-existing conditions work. I’m continuing the discussion of travel protection as there are a few more key requirements that most people aren’t…

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I’m going under the knife

By Carol Rowland / February 20, 2019 / Comments Off on I’m going under the knife

The dreary weather is keeping me cold and bundled up as I work to get things wrapped up in my work world for a while. I’ll be putting things on pause for about a month starting next week as I have some surgery that requires four to six weeks of recovery time. My health situation…

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7 Must-Pack Items – plus a bonus

By Carol Rowland / August 8, 2018 / Comments Off on 7 Must-Pack Items – plus a bonus

I’m headed to Canada tomorrow, for an adventure that starts in Banff and Lake Louise, then a ride on the Rocky Mountaineer train through the Canadian Rockies, and then an Alaskan cruise from Vancouver to Seward. As I prepare for my trip, I’m sharing my list of non-electronic items that always go with me. Last…

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5 Must-Pack Electronics for Any Trip

By Carol Rowland / July 25, 2018 / Comments Off on 5 Must-Pack Electronics for Any Trip

I’ll be traveling next month and my preparations generate a series of tips – this week, the electronics that are always in my bag… Since I travel a lot, I’ve developed my list of must-have items regardless of my destination. Today I’ll share what electronics are always packed in my bag and next time I’ll…

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Travel Safety Street Performers

Thieves and Travel Scams

By Carol Rowland / April 25, 2018 / Comments Off on Thieves and Travel Scams

Warnings and reminders are the theme for today’s article, as I share my own little escapade with trouble. They Stole My Phone A week before my trip to Greece, I got a brand new smartphone and since it was almost the latest and greatest, it was pretty pricey. I was a bit paranoid with this…

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Routines and Patterns

By Carol Rowland / April 11, 2018 / Comments Off on Routines and Patterns

From my many travels, I share some ideas today that have helped me prepare and travel easier… Creating Your Travel Uniform One of the things that I’ve learned through various business coaching programs I’ve been in is the importance of establishing routines or patterns for reoccurring activities of life so you don’t waste time having…

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