Travel Insurance

Getting around the gotchas

By Carol Rowland / February 27, 2019 / Comments Off on Getting around the gotchas

This week’s article continues last week’s discussion of some of the gotchas of travel protection… Travel Protection Clauses and Requirements Last week I wrote about travel insurance and my personal example of how pre-existing conditions work. I’m continuing the discussion of travel protection as there are a few more key requirements that most people aren’t…

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I’m going under the knife

By Carol Rowland / February 20, 2019 / Comments Off on I’m going under the knife

The dreary weather is keeping me cold and bundled up as I work to get things wrapped up in my work world for a while. I’ll be putting things on pause for about a month starting next week as I have some surgery that requires four to six weeks of recovery time. My health situation…

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