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What can you expect from travel going forward? (Part 2)

By Carol Rowland / October 14, 2020 /

Last week I shared some insights I gained from my three-day virtual travel conference, which was pretty intense in how travel comes back in the midst of Covid. I addressed the ways travel suppliers are offering more flexible policies to encourage future bookings, some of the health screening you can expect. Today, let’s look at…

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What can you expect from travel going forward?

By Carol Rowland / October 7, 2020 /

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I attended a virtual conference with the national agency, Nexion, that I am affiliated with. I spent over 20 hours getting all of the latest updates from airlines, cruise lines, hotels, tour companies, and car rental companies on how they are making travel safe and healthy going forward. I thought I…

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A Sunny Vacation with Covid Safety

By Carol Rowland / September 2, 2020 / Comments Off on A Sunny Vacation with Covid Safety

Since I’ve had some questions around this, I thought I would share a current status of how some of the all-inclusive resorts in Mexico are handling the current situation… How are Mexico all-inclusive resorts opening and managing COVID safely? The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive decrease in global travel, but the good news…

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Adjustments to the travel experience

By Carol Rowland / July 29, 2020 / Comments Off on Adjustments to the travel experience

During the last week, I’ve continued to have my virtual meetings with folks in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and I will say it does my soul good to get to talk travel with people and share potential ideas for future trips.  Of course, one of the topics is how travel is being…

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Thieves and Travel Scams

By Carol Rowland / April 25, 2018 / Comments Off on Thieves and Travel Scams

Warnings and reminders are the theme for today’s article, as I share my own little escapade with trouble. They Stole My Phone A week before my trip to Greece, I got a brand new smartphone and since it was almost the latest and greatest, it was pretty pricey. I was a bit paranoid with this…

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Mind your own business

By Carol Rowland / March 28, 2018 / Comments Off on Mind your own business

A question commonly asked of travel professionals inspired my post today… Keep Your Info Confidential A few weeks ago, I compiled the stupid questions that have been asked of travel professionals; I gather those from other agent sources, and there was one that stood out as a very logical question to me: Is our relationship…

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