Last Recess of Summer (Fingerling potatoes)

By Carol Rowland / August 23, 2023 / Comments Off on Last Recess of Summer (Fingerling potatoes)

While I’m in Ireland with all these Notre Dame and Navy fans anticipating the big game on Saturday, it’s summer time wrap up back home with the Labor Day holiday weekend. Time for Recess – enjoy the long weekend with this super easy and tasty appetizer. It doesn’t need refrigeration so it’s perfect for a…

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Summer recess with yummy corn dip

By Carol Rowland / May 24, 2023 / Comments Off on Summer recess with yummy corn dip

The official beginning of summer holiday is a perfect time for hanging out with friends and family, heading to the pool, and sleeping late. I have a recipe that is oh so easy and totally yummy, so the perfect thing to make when you want to skip straight to the fun. Corn Dip Original Recipe…

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Summer Recess

By Carol Rowland / May 25, 2022 / Comments Off on Summer Recess

With the Memorial Day holiday marking the official start of summer, it’s the time to hang out and visit with friends. Socializing, parties and being with friends was part of the inspiration for the name ‘Recess 4 Grownups’, so this week I kick back in summer holiday mode and share an easy summer recipe for…

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Summer Recess Recipes

By Carol Rowland / May 26, 2021 / Comments Off on Summer Recess Recipes

We have a holiday weekend coming up, and it seems to be more significant than usual as it comes at a time that we can enjoy the holiday in a more ‘normal’ way. This week we depart from travel talk… Summer Recess Recipes The official start of summer is the time to hang out and…

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Recess for the Summer Holiday

By Carol Rowland / July 1, 2020 / Comments Off on Recess for the Summer Holiday

This appetizer is not so much a recipe as a combination of flavors that is delightful and oh-so-simple. Somehow, I discovered this on a trip and became addicted. You may have heard of this pairing before, so it’s either a reminder or a yummy new idea. Blue Cheese and Honey Appetizer ½ pound of high-quality…

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