How is expedition cruising different from ocean cruising?

By Carol Rowland / September 23, 2020 /

As we look forward into the future and the chance to travel again at some point, I’m excited about planning trips into next year and the opportunity to get back to exploring the world. One of the best ways to deeply explore the world is through expedition cruising; I wanted to talk about that as…

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Sleeping in true cultural immersion

By Carol Rowland / September 16, 2020 /

This time last year I sailed a two-week cruise around the islands of Japan with our oldest son. I loved Japan and learning about the culture. Since I’m particularly into authentic experiences and cultural immersion, one of the highlights was staying in a ryokan before our cruise, and I’d like to share the concept of…

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Notable sites of culture and nature

By Carol Rowland / September 9, 2020 /

Today as we drive from the Sarasota area to Key West, we are going through Everglades National Park, which we’ve never visited. We’re going to stop to do an airboat ride before continuing to the Keys. I realized that Everglades National Park is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site, which caused me to wonder how…

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A Sunny Vacation with Covid Safety

By Carol Rowland / September 2, 2020 /

Since I’ve had some questions around this, I thought I would share a current status of how some of the all-inclusive resorts in Mexico are handling the current situation… How are Mexico all-inclusive resorts opening and managing COVID safely? The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive decrease in global travel, but the good news…

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A Tattoo for your bucket list

By Carol Rowland / August 26, 2020 / Comments Off on A Tattoo for your bucket list

I had planned to be Scotland this week with my husband to see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, but the trip was cancelled due to Covid. I’ve been fortunate enough to see it, but it’s been on his bucket list for years. It is a breathtaking experience, so I want to share why it should be…

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A trip that offers inspiration and reflection

By Carol Rowland / August 12, 2020 / Comments Off on A trip that offers inspiration and reflection

A conversation with my son inspired me to share about the Camino de Santiago this week, as I have found folks have heard of it but don’t know too much, or are curious about it works for those of us who are a little older and not really hikers… All about the Camino de Santiago…

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The Stunning Parks of Wyoming

By Carol Rowland / July 15, 2020 / Comments Off on The Stunning Parks of Wyoming

Last week I shared my visit to South Dakota and some of the highlights, and this week I extend the America’s-national-parks-theme to its neighbor of Wyoming… The Stunning Parks of Wyoming The world is full of extraordinary sights and views. Travelers fly from one side of the globe to the other to discover new cultures,…

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Exploring the Black Hills of South Dakota

By Carol Rowland / July 8, 2020 / Comments Off on Exploring the Black Hills of South Dakota

For those wishing to get away from their months of quarantine, the prospects of a fantastic vacation may seem low in the summer of 2020. Yet there are still chances to get away and experience an amazing trip while still staying on the same native soil. In fact, there is one destination whose doors are…

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