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Sightseeing with the Hop On Hop Off Bus (Video)

Sightseeing with the Hop On Hop Off Bus -Featured Image-PP

One of the touristy things I enjoy on my travels is riding the Hop On Hop Off bus, and today I share more about this popular sightseeing option and why I recommend it to learn your way around new cities.

Sightseeing with the Hop On Hop Off Bus (Video)

When I’m planning customized arrangements for someone exploring a new city, I usually create a mix of private guides, small group tours led by unique subject matter experts, and walking food tours. I really like to tailor the experiences.

But I also have a really basic sightseeing option that I recommend sometimes – the Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) bus. It may seem cheesy or oh-so-ordinary, but I find it an easy way to get an overview of a city before you deep dive with all those other more personalized exploration options.

I’ve ridden the HOHO for tours of Milan, Dublin, Helsinki, Paris, Tel Aviv (that picture above), and other cities. On my first trip to Greece I rode the HOHO as my orientation of Athens – it was the perfect way to learn my way around and was also handy for getting to and from my hotel. During our cruise last week, some folks used the Hop On Hop Off bus to sightsee around Rhodes.

If you’ve never done the HOHO, or if you have but weren’t so sure about it, take a look at my short video on why I think it’s a worthwhile sightseeing option to include in your travels.

CLICK HERE for a 2 minute overview HOP ON HOP OFF VIDEO