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Leftovers…Travel tips and ideas

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I’ve loved all the leftovers since our big Thanksgiving meal, and that inspired this week’s article…

Leftovers…Travel tips and ideas

I love Thanksgiving leftovers – a little of this and a little of that. A plateful of tastes and samples. So I am inspired to share some of my little of this and little of that travel tips – tips and topics that are good to know but don’t lend themselves to a full article.

Don’t throw out your old bathing suit – save it for traveling to waters with high mineral content. There are various places around the world that can ruin your favorite bathing suit.

For example, the hot springs of Santorini can stain your suit yellow or rust because of the sulfur and iron content. Or a swimming pool with strong chlorine can also be problematic.

Take care of your passport. The dog ate my passport. It’s a classic excuse for homework but it will keep you home if it’s your passport. A groom was denied boarding for his honeymoon because his dog chewed his passport. Passport damage disrupting your trip is a real thing, whether it’s your dog or any other reason on the website list of issues: water damage, a significant tear, markings on the data page, or pages torn out.

Keep your passport in a safe place, and if does get damaged, take action to replace it immediately.

Print your arrangements and flights – don’t rely solely on online information. Beside the fact that you might have difficulty with internet or cell service while traveling, you may need the printed arrangements for other proof of travel. Perhaps you’ll need it for tax deduction reasons.

I had a client who had to cancel a trip, but didn’t have appropriate documentation for travel insurance. She had used points for flights, then cancelled, but never had printed the flight itinerary. Even though there was documentation of the charge for redepositing the miles, the insurance company won’t pay if they can’t see proof you had the itinerary related to the claim actually booked. {If you are wondering – I did get it resolved with the insurance company and she was paid}.

Prepare an End of Trip Packet. When you are packing for a long trip, create a packet of what you will need on your last day of the trip – the day you fly home. Put in your house keys, car keys, cash if you’ll need it for taxis in your departure city or paying for parking when you arrive at your home airport, your parking ticket at the airport, your metro card, whatever you’ll need on the day you return.

Getting organized up front will make coming home so much easier if you know exactly where everything is.

For Folks in Atlanta:

Try the Atlanta International Terminal – Even if you are flying to a domestic destination, if you already have your boarding pass and are carrying on your luggage, you can use the international terminal to enter the airport and go through security. If you are being dropped off at the airport, going to the International Terminal can be an easier and less crowded option.

If you have TSA PreCheck, one thing you may want to consider is the hours it is available on the international side – I’m spoiled and don’t like to pull out my laptop and take off my shoes, so be aware that some times of day do not offer TSA PreCheck.