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Gifts for Travelers

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I often get questions about good travel gifts, so I’m inspired this week to help you prepare your shopping list with some of my favorite travel gadgets and gismos…

Gifts for Travelers

It’s that time of year that folks start looking for gift ideas for friends and family, so I share some of my favorite travel items that may be the perfect thing for that someone on your list.


External battery – An external battery is perfect for travel and can save the day if you need extra power but aren’t near an outlet. Lightweight and easy to carry, and great for when you are using your own device for entertainment which drains the battery even quicker. I never travel without it.


International Travel Adapter – A travel adapter is a requirement when you are traveling outside North America. I usually provide a travel adapter specific to the particular country for my travelers, but for a frequent traveler, one single adapter that can work in 150 countries is a handy gift.


High quality headphones Great headphones are a must for traveling – so much better than those cheap ones the airlines give out. I love mine from Amazon – Boze quality and compact with different size earpieces for a comfortable fit.


Packing Cubes – Use packing cubes to organize – either by similar items such as underwear, socks, or organize by outfit, such as a top and shorts that go together. It’s easy to pull out the packing cubes out of your suitcase, unzip and fold the top under, and then just put the cubes in hotel room drawers.


Digital Camera – Many folks use their phones for all their picture needs, but there are people (like me) who are old-school, and like to have a real camera – it’s easy to have it hanging off your wrist by the strap when sightseeing so hands are always free, but easy to grab for a that perfect shot. It also works on a tripod. I love my Sony Cybershot, and just bought my third one in 10 years last month. Don’t forget the Memory Card.


Microfiber Travel Towel – Available in a variety of sizes, this can be a handy item on any type of trip, as they are very fast drying and very compact for packing.



Travel Purse – A special purse with all the compartments to hold various travel items like phone, sunglasses, passport, notebook, wallet, etc is the key to staying organized while traveling and not losing anything. Baggallini brand bags are my favorite because they have so many separate spaces to keep stuff, so very easy to find exactly what you need. I never travel without it.


Passport (New or Renewal) – Consider the gift of a passport book, or a renewal of a passport, as a wonderful present of hope and joy for someone in your life. Obviously, the person has to complete their own application and documentation, but you can pay the costs of the passport process – write a check to the U.S. Department of State for the application fee and provide cash for the execution fee as that form of payment accepted changes depending on the passport acceptance facility.

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Stocking Stuffers


Sleep Mask – Another must-have for travel (and sometimes for at home too!). A good night’s sleep is important, and some hotels and cruise ships don’t have great window coverings to block out early morning light.


Travel Laundry Bag – I always carry my travel laundry bag so it’s easy when I get home to just dump the bag, and anything left in the suitcase I know is clean and can be put away.



Merino wool socks – Whether walking the streets of Europe or going to Iceland, wool socks are recommended for keeping you feet cook in summer and warm in winter.