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Recess for the Summer Holiday

Fireworks background for 4th of July Independense Day

This appetizer is not so much a recipe as a combination of flavors that is delightful and oh-so-simple. Somehow, I discovered this on a trip and became addicted. You may have heard of this pairing before, so it’s either a reminder or a yummy new idea.

Blue Cheese and Honey Appetizer

Tasty blue cheese with nuts and herbs on black stone board½ pound of high-quality blue cheese
¼ cup of honey, preferably a local brand
Crackers or artisan bread

Let the blue cheese come to room temperature. Drizzle with the honey. Serve with either crackers or some really good specialty bread.

This is ridiculously simple but amazingly delicious. Perfect for a no-fuss appetizer over the holiday weekend.