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Since I’ve had some questions around this, I thought I would share a current status of how some of the all-inclusive resorts in Mexico are handling the current situation…

How are Mexico all-inclusive resorts opening and managing COVID safely?

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive decrease in global travel, but the good news is that traveling abroad to another country is beginning to open up!

If you are dreaming of getting away but wondering how you can take a vacation that is mindful of proper practices, you will be pleased to learn that most Mexican all-inclusive resorts are now open and have put measures in place to ensure the safety of their guests.

Of course, flying at the current time has its own set of guidelines, but if you feel comfortable doing so and put the correct safety precautions in place, a fantastic vacation in Mexico this fall can be a reality.

So, what exactly are resorts doing to give their guests peace of mind and keep them safe?

Current Covid-19 safety protocols at all-inclusive Mexican resorts

The safety measures that each resort has implemented vary somewhat, and we would always confirm the specifics of a particular resort before confirming your booking.

Generally speaking, guests who have recently spent vacations at Mexican resorts have reported that they have been very impressed with the resort’s hygiene policies and their social distancing rules at the pool, restaurant, and other areas inside the hotel.

If you decide to have a vacation at an all-inclusive Mexican resort this fall, you can expect great attention to detail regarding protection against the virus.

Examples of measures that all-inclusive Mexican resorts are taking include the following:

  • Temperature checks of all guests upon check-in
  • Sanitizing of bags
  • Unlimited access to disposable masks (although you could bring your own, washable masks as these are better for the environment)
  • Wearing of gloves, masks, and other personal protective equipment (e.g., shields) by resort staff. Many resorts insist that their employees have their temperatures taken upon arrival at work and then take a shower, just to be extra careful.
  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing of all guest suites

Many folks who have recently returned from a wonderful vacation at an all-inclusive Mexican resort have also stated that hand sanitizer is readily available in all elevators, in their suites, and throughout the lobby.

Upon closer inspection, you will notice additional measures will most likely also have been taken. For instance, your TV’s remote control and other small items will be wrapped in plastic, giving you even more peace of mind.

You will also be strongly encouraged to wear a mask when inside the resort, and usually masks are not required in the outdoor areas or dining areas.

Additional measures have been taken at spas

If you thought that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy spa treatments like you usually do, think again!

Even though spa treatments typically require someone to be up close and personal to you, many resorts have overcome this challenge by insisting that all therapists wear masks, gloves, and shields when carrying out treatments on guests.

This probably comes as welcome news to many people who love to indulge in a spa treatment while on vacation.

Reduced occupancy levels to ensure social distancing

Another significant way many Mexican all-inclusive resorts are ensuring their guests’ safety is to have reduced occupancy levels.

On average, you can expect an all-inclusive Mexican resort to have an occupancy rate of around only 30%. Some have been operating at an even lower rate, but, either way, this means that you will be given more personalized attention and have more access to facilities such as the beach and pool.

Therefore, social distancing will be natural, and you will probably enjoy a much more relaxed and peaceful vacation than in previous years.

Reduced government travel advisory level

In March, both Mexico and the US restricted non-essential travel between the two countries, but this was only across land and water borders. Flying into Mexico, although discouraged, was never completely restricted.

Mexican resorts are not the only ones following strict safety protocols: local food vendors, stores, and restaurants have also been very careful to wear masks, gloves and to insist that their customers remain at a safe distance from one another.

Currently, there is a Level 2 travel advisory for Mexico that encourages tourists to be extra careful. However, as mentioned above, with all the safety protocols being taken by resorts, Mexico has taken considerable measures to help travelers feel comfortable traveling.

With many other countries having closed borders and restricting access to US citizens, Mexico remains a desirable option as travel to the country is now open.

For those who are anticipating what future travel may look like while we are still managing around the virus, this can provide a concrete example. For die-hard globetrotters like me, who crave some type of international travel, taking a vacation at an all-inclusive Mexican resort can make a lot of sense in the current climate.