Recess Special Travel Values

Special Travel Values

Travel Deals vs Travel Values: I don’t believe in ‘deals’. A travel ‘deal’ that is cheap but doesn’t deliver a travel experience worthy of your time and investment, and more importantly, doesn’t deliver a sense of joy and wonder, is no deal. I don’t believe in deals. I do believe in value.

My intention is to provide insights into vetted travel experiences – travel suppliers that I know will deliver a quality travel experience to you. And when those travel suppliers that I know and trust offer specific promotions that make their offerings an even better value than normal – those will end up on this Travel Values page.

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Supplier Name: Avalon Waterways

Why I like them: This is a River cruise line with a variety of excursion options offered with options for gentle pace, or faster movement. They have Active and Discovery sailings with more hiking, biking and cultural immersion options, and they have excellent cuisine.

Travel Value Right Now: Fly free plus extra savings on Select 2024 Europe Cruises

Supplier Name: AMA Waterways

Why I like them: River cruise line with high focus on client experience, with more included excursion options; owners are very involved and respond well in difficult times (like covid, water issues, etc).

Travel Value Right Now: Complementary land extensions before or after river cruise, like St. Malo, France (Mont Sant Michel) after Paris to Normandy Cruise, Lake Como Italy before a Rhine River cruise, or Geneva Switzerland after a Burgundy Wine Cruise on the Rhone/Saone Rivers.

Supplier Name: Tauck

Why I like them: Luxury land tours and small ship cruising with a high focus on little details, and very inclusive experience. High client satisfaction and therefore percentage of clients return to Tauck repeatedly.

Travel Value Right Now: For European land, river and small ship cruises departing between March 1 - August 31, 2024, they are offering a flat price for flights: Economy Air - $990 per person; Premium Economy Air - $1,790 per person; Business Air - $3,890 per person. Takes away the uncertainty of air travel costs!

Supplier Name: Windstar Cruises

Why I like them: Small ships with 342 passengers or less that can visit small ports and dock in the center of town. Reputation for great service and excellent cuisine.

Travel Value Right Now: Pick your Perk Offer: One free pre or post hotel night <or> Onboard credit of $200 per cabin or $400 per cabin for premium suites