VIP Travel Advisor Position

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Our business is growing and we’re looking for a travel advisor rock star to help us love and care for our clients, stay organized and maintain accurate client records, and deliver travel experiences without a hitch.

If you’re smart, business-savvy and love a fun work relationship, read on!

Who We Are

Recess 4 Grownups is a leisure travel planning firm focused on premium and luxury travel for individuals, and customized group trips for organizations, businesses, and churches. We have a niche of Catholic pilgrimages, and a particular specialty in Ireland. Clients can depend on attention to detail, wow moments, and personalization.

If you want to be part of the team delivering this type of experience to our family of clients, apply and let’s talk.

Job Description

** PLEASE NOTE: Only applications submitted through the process as listed in this job posting will be accepted. Social media applications will not be reviewed **

The VIP Travel Advisor works in conjunction with Owner/Luxury Travel Advisor Carol Rowland to create travel experiences matched to the interests and travel styles of our wonderful clients. The role entails digging into all the details to design seamless travel plans, maintaining client communications, anticipating client requests to drive client delight, consistent referrals and sales and revenue growth.

As our VIP Travel Advisor, you will:

  • Work with Carol to determine appropriate client travel plans, research alternatives, create quotes in supplier systems and generate proposals.
  • Match client requests, wishes, and preferences with the appropriate travel solutions (cruise, tour, customized FIT, rail, excursions and day tours, etc), and positioning options and amenities available to enhance the client experience
  • Manage client expectations and provide insight and expertise to advise clients properly when responding to requests.
  • Research destinations and unique offerings
  • Craft and present polished itineraries to client
  • After booking, deliver ongoing client touch program and client care experiences
  • Obtain payment authorization and facilitate client payment to suppliers
  • Utilize travel supplier marketing tools to effectively quote and market to clients
  • Be thoroughly knowledgeable about our customized group trips and be able to assist clients and answer any questions.
  • Manage all client contacts and travel bookings within our Client Relationship Management (CRM) system and keep current daily.
  • Help prepare clients for travel, with informative communications and well-organized travel documents packages.
  • Assist with the behind-the-scenes logistics that help our business run smoothly – keeping track of deadlines, managing deliverables, administrative work, etc.
  • Communicate and manage email with clients to be timely and responsive.
  • Follow our documented processes, implement and document new ones when needed, and look to continually improve our systems and procedures to enhance the client experience and to drive efficiency.
  • Help research content and ideas for articles, blog posts, social media, our newsletter and programs.
  • Make sure we are delivering things on time and on point.

This position is perfect for you if:

  • You are a trained travel advisor with experience selling international destinations and travel styles such as FIT, cruise, and escorted tour.
  • You love planning travel that delights your client, and you spend the time necessary to dig through the options to find just the right experience.
  • You are familiar with various travel supplier systems and can easily maneuver through the variety of booking systems.
  • You have a natural urge to review things and ensure accuracy before letting anything out the door.
  • You work well independently but can and will follow agency processes.
  • You are proficient in communicating clearly via email and can easily manage handling a variety of client requests and questions.
  • You like connecting with teammates in the office and are equally comfortable working alone at administrative and email tasks on your computer during work-at-home days.
  • You like to contribute to improving workflow and will document procedures to create more efficient processes throughout the client experience.
  • Interacting with people and making sure they are taken care of lights you up.
  • People count on you for answers, and you’re known for being resourceful.
  • You love a flexible work environment and working in a virtual team.
  • You are agile and adjust to ever changing priorities and conditions.
  • Being proactive and a good team player is a natural talent for you.
  • Working in the Microsoft Office Suite – Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint – is very familiar to you.

How will we know you’re a superstar?

The VIP Travel Advisor will have a key role in the business and will work very closely with Carol Rowland, the owner of Recess 4 Grownups, to make sure everything is running smoothly by assisting with client travel planning, administrative tasks, and assuming a strong client support role. Your ability to handle all the booking details independently, communicate effectively, and shift client work from Carol so she can work on strategic projects, will be key indicators.

Your success will be measured as follows:

  • Happy customers: Clients will continue to be happy with our services and appreciate the prompt and friendly responses and communication.
  • Increased revenue: Your help will allow Carol to focus further on developing new business and growing the company’s revenue.
  • On-time delivery: Project or content deadlines will be met without the need for constant last-minute panic. Client related activities are planned ahead and executed following the checklist to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Quality output: Your work will continuously meet Carol’s brand standards by the time it goes live to our clients.
  • Increased company efficiency: Your suggestions and input will help us improve workflow so we will be able to spend less time on administrative tasks or processes and more time helping and interacting with our clients.

Position Detail

This is a position that could be remote, but preference to have a local person that can work in office (Sandy Springs Georgia) twice a week with the rest of the time virtual.

This is a paid hourly position. The initial work schedule is 35-40 hours per week.

As an employee, you'll be provided with a laptop to use, and paid an hourly wage plus quarterly bonuses based on agency sales and commissions earned.

Upon proven performance and high customer service, there will be the opportunity to participate in familiarization trips as appropriate, and also for for training in the group leader position and to travel on agency customized trips.

Once you are well-established in your position, your typical week will be two days in the office and the rest of the week working from your home office, except for special events or group trip work activities.

Our business location is in Sandy Springs, so proximity to that area is a bonus. Your work at home time will be somewhat flexible within mutually agreed upon hours; you also need to have a quiet committed space to work so you can talk with clients and focus on your work.

To ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, a background check will conducted on the candidate we choose to hire.

As the business grows, there will be opportunity for new responsibilities and growth for the right candidate.

Hiring Process:

  1. Candidate: Complete the application at:
  2. Recess 4 Grownups (R4G): We’ll review the applications
  3. R4G: Within 10 days of application, we’ll contact the most qualified candidates via email to schedule a conversation via zoom; we will notify other applicants via email that they were not selected for the next step.
  4. R4G and candidate: Zoom introductory conversation.
  5. R4G: After Zoom conversations, for the top candidate(s) we will request they complete two assessments. These assessments help reveal how we all think and take action naturally, so we can understand and share information and tasks more productively.
  6. Candidate: Take assessments.
  7. R4G: For the top candidate(s), we will schedule a meeting in office to meet face to face.
  8. R4G and candidate(s): Meet, get to know each other, ask questions, discuss expectations and goals.
  9. R4G: Will make offer.
  10. R4G: We will run a background check on any potential employee.