Ireland Touring Sights for Notre Dame vs Navy 2023

Guinness Glasses

Guinness Storehouse – With seven floors of interactive exhibits detailing the history of Guinness, this is a fun chance to learn more about one of Ireland’s favorite beers. Finish the tour with your very own pint as you enjoy a 360-degree view of Dublin in the top floor Gravity Bar. Whether you have it here or in a little pub, drinking a real Guinness in Ireland needs to be part of your Notre Dame vs Navy game tour experience.

Ireland-Dublin-Merry Poughboy Ext-ws-CKR

Merry Ploughboy Pub – This pub is owned and run by the musicians themselves, where they perform what is widely regarded as the best traditional music show in Dublin - it is definitely our favorite at Recess 4 Grownups. It features traditional Irish music and dancing, and an excellent meals of the best fresh Irish food. A few of our tours for the Navy-Notre Dame game in 2023 will bring you here – you will love this experience.

Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher – Rising at some points to over 700 ft. above the Atlantic Ocean, the cliffs are one of Ireland’s most popular attractions.  Nestled at the edge of County Clare, the Cliffs of Moher offer an absolutely stunning view of Ireland’s lush coast and are a must see for any first time visitor to Ireland. All of our Ireland tours for the 2023 Notre Dame-Navy game will visit this iconic sight.


Ireland-Bunratty-Medieval Feast-ws-CIE

Bunratty Castle Medieval Banquet – Built in the early 15th century, this castle now hosts a nightly evening of entertainment that harkens back to those same bygone days of Irish custom.  Enjoy an evening of food, fun and, live entertainment as you drink mead, mingle with lords and ladies and enjoy a feast of royal taste and consequence. A few of our tours for the 2023 Notre Dame – Navy game will include this fun event.

Blarney Castle, Cork

Blarney Castle – Famously known as the resting place of the Stone of Eloquence, or to many more, the Blarney Stone, this stronghold dates back to the 1440’s.  Though it’s fame comes from it’s stone that grants anyone who kisses it a silver tongue, the castle is actually surrounded by a vast array of beautiful and unique gardens, even including a poison garden, filled with a multitude of poisonous plants. Some of our tours for the Notre Dame-Navy game in 2023 will bring you here – a classic Irish experience.

Ireland-Waterford-Crystal-Marking dept-ws-TI

Waterford Crystal – Dating back to the 18th century, Waterford Crystal has a long history of producing some of the finest crystal in Europe. The Waterford Crystal factory tour allows you to witness the creation of exquisite pieces of crystal while progressing from molten crystal to the final steps of cutting and engraving. Waterford boasts chandeliers hanging in a number of notable buildings, including Windsor Castle, the Kennedy center and the crystal ball that is dropped in Times Square every New Years Eve. Some of our tours will stop here when your visit Ireland for the Notre Dame vs. Navy game in 2023.

Ireland-Gaelic Football-Young Men-PPEdit (1)

Experience Gaelic Games – A fun, interactive way to experience some of Ireland’s favorite national sports. Gaelic sports is an integral aspect of Irish life, and participating will give you a true sense of being in the know of the Irish experience. Learn the rules to everything from hurling to Gaelic Football, then jump in and test your skills and see how you fare. We can arrange this special experience to add on to your Notre Dame vs Navy game tour experience.

The Bridge of Life and stone lantern

Irish National Stud/Japanese Gardens – Regarded by many as the finest Japanese gardens in Europe, this stunning sight takes visitors on a journey through the life of man as they experience beautiful sights representing everything from oblivion to birth, through old age to death.  Also on the grounds are the nationally owned Irish Stud, the only stud in Ireland offering tours of the facility to visitors.

Ireland-Killarney-Jaunting Car-ws-overhead

Jaunting Car Ride – A two-wheeled cart pulled by a horse, this is Ireland’s most traditional form of transportation. A jaunting car tour offers a unique experience, as visitors ride exclusively in areas where normal automobiles are not permitted.  Learn the history of these winding spaces at a relaxed and pleasant pace as you trot along in style. This is a fun experience included in some of our tours when you’re in Ireland for the football game between Notre Dame and Navy in 2023.

Ireland-Powerscourt Grounds-ws-TI

Powerscourt – Occupied by what was once a 13th century castle before being significantly renovated over the last 3 centuries, the Powerscourt house is the centerpiece of a grand estate that features both a waterfall and a golf course. The garden, which took several decades to complete and boasts a variety of world styles, is considered one of the best in the world. (PS - If you saw the 2002 movie 'The Count of Monte Cristo', this was the majestic estate he purchased).

Ireland-Wexford-Dunbrody Famine-Ship-ws-TI

Dunbrody Famine Ship – Learn what life was like on an emigrant ship headed to the Americas in the 1840’s.  This authentic experience brings the visitor a perspective to what these famine emigrants went through as they traveled toward a new world – it’s an intriguing and eye-opening experience.

Ireland-Foynes-Flying Boat-ws-CKR

Foynes Flying Boat Museum – Learn the fascinating story of the first transatlantic flights and the integral part that Foynes played. Enjoy this intriguing visit to the past and check out a full sized replica of a B314 flying boat. Learn how to make the perfect Irish Coffee at the birthplace of this famous drink. This is one of our favorite 'off-the beaten path' stops, and is included in the S-3 Stunning Ireland tour for the Navy vs Notre Dame game in 2023.

Looking over Kenmere River towards Ring of Kerry, Macgillycuddys Reeks, Beara, Co. Kerry

Ring of Kerry – Take a beautiful day trip spanning over 110 miles through Killarney National Park.  The trip boasts several dozen sites and stops as you marvel at the beautiful countryside and stunning coast of this picturesque slice of Ireland.  Be sure to stop along the way to enjoy a pint of Guinness and a traditional Irish lunch in one of the scenic restaurants dotted along your journey. Join our S-4 Brilliant Ireland tour to experience this famous scenic drive around Iveragh Peninsula when you're in Ireland for the 2023 Notre Dame - Navy football game.

Atlantic Sheep Dogs working on the Wild Atlantic Way

Sheepdog Demonstration – A practice that has been essential to Irish life for centuries, seeing a live sheepdog demonstration is a truly fascinating experience. These brilliant animals will astound you with their intelligence and resourcefulness as they exhibit their effortless ability to carry out the most technical of tasks.

Ireland Dublin Book of Kells

Trinity College/Book of Kells – Done in the Insular style, the Book of Kells is one of the most famous of its kind.  Rebound into four volumes in the mid-1900’s these beautiful recreations of the four gospels of the New Testament offer stunning portrayals of important biblical scenes, as well as extremely intricate typography. After viewing the Book of Kells, continue on to the Long Room of Trinity College, one of the most impressive libraries in the world.

Northern Ireland-Giants Causeway-ws-CIE

Giants Causeway – Formed as the result of a volcanic eruption, this fascinating sight consists of over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns that rise out of the sea until they peak into a breathtaking cliff.  Located in Northern Ireland, and one of the region’s most popular attractions, this is one of those places you have to see in person to believe.  If you get the chance, this one’s not to be missed. We'll include a visit here on one of our tours for the 2023 Notre Dame - Navy game experience.

Muckross House Killarney Co. Kerry

Muckross House – A nineteenth century Victorian mansion set in the midst of Killarney National Park. Muckross Estates is a beautiful place to visit, as it hosts one of Killarney’s three lakes, and stretches out in it’s vast and beautiful grounds – the gardens are world renowned. The elegantly furnished home is one of Ireland’s most popular attractions.

Ireland-Bunratty Castle, Co_master-ws-ICP

Bunratty Castle & Folk Park – The Bunratty Folk Park recreates for visitors what life was like in 19th century rural Ireland. Walk through this full-sized, fully functional village and experience a taste of the old country.  With everything from the doctor’s house to the hardware shop, the pawnbroker’s to the real working pub, it’s easy to get lost in the 1800s.

Northern Ireland-Belfast-Titanic Belfast-ws-TI

Titanic Belfast – This museum, set in the heart of where the original Titanic was constructed, offers visitors an experience that takes them through the Titanic’s initial construction all the way through it’s infamous sinking, to the aftermath of these events, with everything in between.  Hear stories from survivors, learn more about that fateful day in 1912, and find out if maybe one of your ancestors was among those on the voyage.

Ireland-Belleek Pottery_master-ws-ICP

Belleek Pottery – Belleck Pottery finds its roots in the mid-19th century, when John Bloomfield discovered that his estate was rich with minerals.  Looking to provide his tenants with a stable income during these times of famine, Bloomfield began making wares that quickly became popular throughout Ireland and the neighboring regions. Today, Belleek is widely known for the Parian porcelain it is has been producing for over 150 years.

Ireland-Campbells of Ardara Knitwear, Ardara, Co Donegal_master-ws-ICP

Blarney Woollen Mills – When you’re stopping at Blarney Castle, you'll usually have some extra time to visit this Irish heritage shop that has been producing since the early-1800s.  Specializing in tweed and wool, you’re sure to find some Irish style to bring home with you. All of our Ireland tours for the Notre Dame-Navy football game in 2023 will stop in Blarney, so you can get some shopping done here.

Shannon Bridge

Ferry Across Shannon River – If you’re traveling between County Clare and Kingdom Kerry, and you would like a nice scenic break from your travels, board the Shannon Ferry and relax.  Accommodating everything from foot passengers to tour buses, the ferry is a nice way to save some time, while appreciating the scenery.

Ireland-Burren Cattle Drive, The Burren, Co Clare_master-ws-ICP

Burren – One of six national parks in Ireland, Burren is noted for it’s strange and unique geology due to glaciation. Despite it’s extremely rocky landscape, because of it’s unusually temperate climate the Burren gives life to three quarters of the species of flowers found in Ireland, including some of it’s rarest. A visit to a national park is a must when you're traveling to Ireland for the 2023 Notre Dame - Navy football game.

Ireland-Donegal-Triona Designs-weaving demo-low res

Triona Design – Specializing in fine tweed clothing and manufactured in County Donegal, this family run business offers traditional style with a contemporary sensibility. It's fascinating to learn about this historic craft and see the tweed created. You will stop here for a special visit during our S-3 Stunning Ireland tour for the Notre Dame vs Navy game in 2023.


Northern Ireland-Slieve League-ws-CIE

Slieve League – Though the Cliffs of Moher are much more widely known, the Slieve League Cliffs tower over them at 2000 ft. above sea level, almost three times as high.  Come take in these breathtaking cliffs while viewing them in comfort from afar, or attempt the harrowing One Man’s Pass, which winds visitors to the highest point of the cliffs.



Newgrange – Older than Stonehenge or even the Egyptian pyramids, this Neolithic mounded structure was built around 3200 BC. While its purpose has been debated for centuries, many believe it had some type of religious or spiritual affiliation.  Visitors to the site can take a tour of the monument that culminates in the main chamber with a simulation of the sunlight that enters the chamber only once a year on the winter solstice.

Irealand-Derry City_master-ws-ICP

Walking tour of Derry – Ireland’s only completely walled city, Derry is full of a rich and vibrant history that can only be experienced up close and personal.  As you traverse the area you’ll be exposed to some of Northern Ireland’s most important sites, and learn about events such as Bloody Sunday and the Bogside.

St. Kevin's kitchen in Glendalough, Ireland

Glendalough – With a number of prominent centuries old monuments, Glendalough resides in a glacial valley in the southeastern region of Ireland.  Known for its monastic settlement in the early 6th century, the town has stood through peace and unrest over the years, all the while holding onto much of the culture it was founded through.

Ireland-Clare-Dromoland Castle-View-ws-PP

Dromoland Castle – Located in County Clare, the castle has been renovated into a five-star hotel.  The grounds themselves boast a number of beautiful gardens, a small lake and the castle’s very own golf course, perfect for a round after waking up in royal splendor. Spend a night here to pamper yourself as the grand finale to your trip to Ireland for the 2023 Notre Dame vs Navy College Football Classic - our S4-B Brilliant Ireland with Dromoland Castle tour is the perfect choice!

Northern Ireland-Belfast-City View-ws-CIE

Panoramic tour of Belfast – The capital of Northern Ireland, and the island’s second largest city, Belfast provides its visitors with an almost limitless number of things to do. Being a major force of industry in the early 20th century, Belfast has managed to maintain this influence, while becoming a prominent center for the arts and education.  Whether you want to take a trip to the park, a museum, or music show, Belfast has something for everyone to enjoy. We’ll visit this city on one of our tours that includes tickets to the Notre Dame – Navy college football game in 2023.

Ireland-Tait's Clock, Limerick City , Co Limerick_master-ws-ICP

Limerick– One of Ireland’s largest cities, Limerick is a convenient 15-minute drive from the Shannon airport.  Known for it’s large array of significant museums, cathedrals, and other historic buildings, Limerick is an excellent place to steep yourself in Irish history.  The city also enjoys a vibrant nightlife of entertainment, teaming with both traditional and contemporary influences.

Ireland-Dublin-River View-Bridge-ws-PP

Dublin  – As Ireland’s capital and largest city there is something for everyone here and you pretty much can’t go wrong taking time to visit this bustling city.  Whether you’re in the mood for art and literature, music and dancing, or sports and recreation, here, there is an endless amount of ways to be enthralled. All of our tours for the 2023 Notre Dame – Navy college football game will include time to explore Dublin.

Ireland-Waterford City, Waterford_master-ws-ICP

Waterford Walking Tour - One of Ireland’s richest cities for the arts can only be experienced up close and personal. Come experience the oldest city in Ireland on foot while you’re in Ireland for the 2023 Notre Dame – Navy game.

View of the River Nore with the backdrop of Kilkenny Castle in the midieval city of Kilkenny

Kilkenny – Lined with historic buildings, much of Kilkenny’s past has been preserved through its timeless architecture. Not only is the city itself a renowned center of the theatre and arts, many use it as a base to venture into and explore the unique neighboring towns of the area.

The Claddagh Galway in Galway, Ireland.

Galway – Known as Ireland’s “cultural heart,” Galway is renowned for its vibrant love of music, arts and entertainment, actively hosting dozens of festivals each year. As far as exciting atmospheres go, it has been ranked among the likes of New Orleans and Cabo, Mexico as one of the most fun cities to visit. If you’re looking for a good time, consider stopping by either before or after you visit Dublin for the 2023 Notre Dame – Navy football game.

Ireland-Olde Castle Bar, Donegal Town, Co Donegal_master-ws-ICP

Donegal – Located just west of Northern Ireland, this beautiful coastal town is a nice place to visit for a relaxing day of visiting the beach, golfing or exploring the area.  With ties to St. Patrick, there is some unique history that accompanies this quiet Irish town.