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My Covid Testing Experience on Video

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Planning for my international travel this year inspires this week’s article, which is not really an article but rather a video…

My video of a CDC approved at home test for travel

Last year as I led groups in Spain and then Italy, as well traveled on my own from Wales, Germany and France, one of the common aspects of all those locations was the need the have a negative covid test to return to the US.

For my group trips, I provided the eMed Abbott Labs monitored home covid test, so that people could test in the comfort of their own hotel room, rather than disrupt the activities of the trip by having to arrange appointments and testing visits. I wanted to make it super easy for folks to get their negative test, so these proctored home tests worked exceptionally well. I had a number of folks wonder what the test was like, and a little hesitant before going through the process. In order to answer those questions, I recorded the entire process of taking my covid test on the last day of my river cruise when I was leaving France in December.

This week I share a video from start to finish on the experience of performing one of these proctored home covid tests. I highly recommend these as an easy way to meet the testing requirement without disturbing your vacation time beyond 25 to 30 minutes of your time.

If you haven’t taken one of these tests and would like to see how it works, click here to watch.