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7 Must-Pack Items – plus a bonus

I’m headed to Canada tomorrow, for an adventure that starts in Banff and Lake Louise, then a ride ...
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5 Must-Pack Electronics for Any Trip

I’ll be traveling next month and my preparations generate a series of tips – this week, the electronics ...
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Airplane seat and window inside an aircraft

Watch Your Seat – Airline Change Assignements

I was working on a client's reservation when I noticed a common occurrence that inspired this week's article... ...
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More Ways to Get Extras – Amenity Programs

Continuing from last week, I wanted to share more about the wonderful benefits available through some of the ...
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Goodies and Extras – Distinctive Voyages Amenities

I'm very excited about the cruise that I will be taking to Alaska in August, where I’ll be ...
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Travel Safety Street Performers

Thieves and Travel Scams

Warnings and reminders are the theme for today’s article, as I share my own little escapade with trouble. ...
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Routines and Patterns – Creating Your Travel Uniform

From my many travels, I share some ideas today that have helped me prepare and travel easier... Creating ...
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Mind your own business – Travel Advisor Confidentiality

A question commonly asked of travel professionals inspired my post today... Keep Your Info Confidential A few weeks ...
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CLEAR Airport Security Check Program

Signing Up for Clear

On my last business trip, I decided to satisfy my curiosity about Clear, the security fast pass offering ...
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The Secrets of the Words – Meanings in Travel Descriptions

When it comes to travel, there are some little nuances that can make a difference in your expectations. ...
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Hooked on Luxury Travel

I just returned from my trip to Santa Barbara for the Luxury Travel Summit. It’s an intensive session ...
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Wind and Rain and Cancellations

I was flying back from Venice with my Italy Pilgrimage group, and bad weather in the JFK area ...
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