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Dreams and Ideas and Inspiration – Bucket List Ideas

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I’m itching to get back traveling and will be going to the Black Hills of South Dakota in a couple of weeks. I know some folks are looking to travel later this year, and others are just planning for next year, but there’s definitely a pent-up demand that’s going to create a lot of travel activity once restrictions lessen. So for now, we can focus on anticipating future trips, and continue to dream and look for inspiration… 

Creating or Expanding a Bucket List

Having a bucket list is an exciting view for a hopeful future – there are so many amazing places in the world, and wonderful experiences to pursue. It’s very easy to lose track if you don’t create some focus on doing those things you aspire to. So below are some tips for creating a bucket list that inspires you in designing your life.

Put your bucket list on paper

  • Actually write the list down. Sometimes it’s easy to think we can keep things in our heads, but when we do that we forget some really fabulous ideas. Having a real written list can draw your attention to long forgotten dreams and keep you thinking of new insights as opportunities present themselves.

Expand your bucket list with new inspirations

  • Constantly add to your list. This is definitely not a one-and-done thing – don’t try to do it all at one. Every movie you watch, magazine you read, friends you talk with – all of them can be inspiration for something new to add to your list. Sometimes it’s fun to go someplace, discover it was one of the coolest things you’ve ever done, add it to your list and then get to cross it off!

Doing, Being, Experiencing

  • It’s not just about places. While exploring new destinations in the world is typically a good portion of your bucket list, it should also include experiences you want to try, things to learn, people to meet – so here’s some of the categories to get your ideas flowing:
    • Adventure and Travel
    • Learn How To Do Something
    • Hobby Related
    • One Time Events
    • Relationships
    • Big Idea – How Can I…
    • Contribution
    • Self-Development
    • Interests

Next week we’ll talk about strategies to accomplish more from your bucket list.