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5 Must-Pack Electronics for Any Trip

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I’ll be traveling next month and my preparations generate a series of tips – this week, the electronics that are always in my bag…

Since I travel a lot, I’ve developed my list of must-have items regardless of my destination. Today I’ll share what electronics are always packed in my bag and next time I’ll discuss the non-electronic items that I carry.

Taking your cellphone and charger are obvious so I won’t include those officially in my tips, although it’s always good to include every item you need on your checklist, even the ‘standard’ items.

1) High quality headphones. Those little free or $2 headphones that the airlines distribute hurt or fall out. Great headphones that fit well, makes the time more pleasant, and easier to enjoy the onboard entertainment or content on your own device are crucial. I got this one from Amazon – Boze quality and compact with different size earpieces for a comfortable fit.

2) External battery. So often when you are traveling you forget to charge a device or use your phone or tablet so much that the battery drains quickly. An external battery is lightweight and can save the day if you need extra power but aren’t near an outlet, like when you are on a motor coach tour, walking around town, or on a flight with no outlets.

3) Simple multi-prong plug (triple tap). This $3-4 item is so basic but makes it easy to plug in lots of devices when you’re in an older hotel with few outlets or those that are hidden under a desk. Great for when you are traveling internationally as you can use one travel adapter, plug in the multi-plug, and then use three different power cords and chargers.

4) Travel Alarm Although a cellphone can act as your alarm, I find having a good basic travel alarm set at the local time and set for the time I want to wake up is the best plan. Leaving your cellphone on when you are in a different time zone may cause you to get a phone call at 3am in the morning, so just turning off your phone and depending on the travel alarm can result in a better night’s sleep. I like a white one because it stands out when time to collect items in the hotel room for packing.

5) Tablet or computer pre-loaded with shows, movies or articles. Some plane configurations don’t have in-seat video, and for those that do, you can’t always count on a working video system. Being prepared with your own content makes your travel experience easier.

These five items will come in handy during your travels and help create a smoother trip.