It’s Time to Play,
to Discover,
to Be Astounded Again

Hit “Pause” and Go Play with Recess 4 Grownups

Remember recess? You’d race outside, with that thrilling feeling of fun and freedom spurring you to explore every inch of your jungle gym. Today, the whole world is yours to explore. This time, though, leave your gym sweats in the locker - your version of fun now includes first-class service, outstanding eats, and plenty of pampering.

Take the break you deserve with a meticulously planned, marvelously fun Recess 4 Grownups escape.


Group Travel Done Right

We specialize in group travel that brings on the “wow” factor - without group leaders having to lift a finger. From faith-based pilgrimages to alumni journeys to getaways with your friends and family, we’ll design you a bond-building, seamless itinerary … with a couple of singular surprises thrown in.

River Cruising

River cruises combine all the luxury and simplicity of cruising, with the cultural immersion that comes with traveling through the heart of your destination. Throughout our existence, waterways have been the routes by which people and cultures have ventured forth to new frontiers.

Canada Lake Louise Fairmont Pan PP

Plan A Custom Escape

Discover delightful new destinations, or return to a place you fell in love with long ago. Whatever you’re craving, we’ll design a custom itinerary full of magical moments and first-class service, just for you. Or, we’ll help you personalize your cruise or tour getaway to your interests. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable family vacation, bucket list trip, or celebratory escape.

Faith Based Travel

If you would like to explore how you can easily set up a Catholic Pilgrimage tour so your parish or group can come together and share an experience of spiritual growth, we can provide customized group travel options and management.

Faith Based